Study Abroad

With SageVision Bhutan

We provide:

  • Visa Support
  • Education and Career Counselling 
  • University application and enrollment 

Our services

Course and Career Counselling

We help you choose the most appropriate course matching your interest, ability and work experiences and provide options for enrollment into various top ranking universities in Australia

University application and enrollment

Having decided the course, we assist you in lodging and obtaining enrollment offers from respective universities/colleges. Successful enrollment would mean submission of all requisite documents and information by clients to us.

Visa Application Assistance

We fully assist our Clients with lodgment of formal student visa with DIBP after receipt of complete document from Clients.

OHSC – Overseas Student Health Cover

We guide our Clients to choose the most cost effective OSHC which is also one of the main requirements for lodgment of student visa.

Medical booking assistance

We assist with medical assessment booking in respective countries

SAGE VISION Bhutan is a registered and licensed Education Consultancy and Placement Firm (ECPF) based in Thimphu with an affiliate office in Canberra, Australia. We offer high quality counselling and career guidance to students and individuals seeking to go abroad to enhance their skills and academic qualifications.

SAGE VISION Bhutan is founded and managed by a qualified team of professionals based in Bhutan and abroad and provides:

  • Accurate and up to date information about universities and institutions
  • Counselling on the colleges, course selection and fee structure
  • Visa facilitation and travel support

Our Value Proposition:

Founded on our core values of Service, Excellence and Respect, we will ensure to:

  • Provide our services in the minimum turnaround time
  • Facilitate transparent and accurate information

Study abroad


This office sounds dynamic, they are going to change how education consultancy is normally conducted. I wish them the best.
Tshering Chencho